Is someone sending a message to Tony Peraica?

May 7, 2009

This week, Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica helped spearhead the county tax roll-back. Late Wednesday night, Peraica's next door neighbors were rudely awoken by a drive-by shooting. No one was hurt, but looks like the shots were intended for Peraica's abode.‚  As Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel explains (to WBEZ's Tony Arnold), the neighbor's house had a missing number in its street address. audio Peraica held a press conference today to address the situation. Tony Arnold went and gave me this clip where Peraica claims his office was burglarized 4 times last year. He says it seems to be part of "a pattern of intimidation and harassment." audio Is someone sending a message to Peraica? Maybe it would be more appropriate to direct message your thoughts on the county commissioner, rather than shooting up his neighborhood.