Laying the Foundations: NATO, Economic Globalization, and Economic Justice

May 18, 2012

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Vijay Prashad

As a part of the Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice, the Network for A NATO-Free Future presents a plenary called "Laying the Foundations: NATO, Economic Globalization, and Economic Justice."

Vijay Prashad is professor and director of international studies at Trinity College, Hartford, CT. His two new books are Arab Spring, Libyan Winter (AK Press, April 2012) and Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today (New Press, June 2012). His The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World (New Press) won the 2009 Muzaffar Ahmad Book Prize. He is a regular correspondent for Frontline (India), Himal (Nepal), Asia Times, Counterpunch, and Bol (Pakistan).

Tobias Pflüger is a member of the executive committee of Germany’s Left Party and a board member of Ruebingen Militarization Information. From 2004 until 2009 he was a member of the European Parliament.

Sarita Gupta is the executive director of Jobs with Justice (JwJ). JwJ is building a strong, progressive labor movement that works in coalition with community, faith, and student organizations to build a broader global movement for economic and social justice. Sarita began organizing as a student on campus and was elected President of the U.S. Student Association (1997-1998). Sarita has 15 years of local, national, and global coalition-building experience through her time at Chicago JwJ and National JwJ. She has a long history of organizing at the intersections of workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, global justice, racial justice, and women’s rights issues and movements. In recent years, Sarita has provided leadership to various movement-building processes that have attempted to converge movements across different sectors in order to build the kind of power we need to make transformative change. She serves on the following boards: International Labor Rights Forum, American Rights at Work, the National Planning Committee of the U.S. Social Forum, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Inter-Alliance Dialogue/UNITY, the Institute for Policy Studies, Other Worlds is Possible Giving Circle, and The Discount Foundation Board of Trustees.

William McNary is from Citizen Action/Illinois and the Emergency Network to Save Cook County Health Services.

This event is facilitated by Judith Le Blanc (PeaceAction) and Kimber Heinz (War Resisters League).

The American Friends Service Committee is part of the Network for A NATO-Free Future.

Recorded Friday, May 18, 2012 at The Peoples Church of Chicago.