Best Game in Town #14: Rahm's residency, Burris' bid, and big issues in the race for Mayor

November 26, 2010

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In our latest installment, we turn from style and sizzle to steak and, er, turkeys. 

Yes, we took a big bite out of the major issues and key challenges facing the next mayor of Chicago this week - from pensions to police redeployment, from parking meters to public housing and education.  But we also spent some time getting a read on a  possible Burris bid and Rahm's residency battle.

We caught up to discuss all of this over a cup of coffee with our panel at Petro's Restaurant in Chicago's Loop.  Petro's is a favorite hangout for politicians and policy makers as it sits directly across the street from City Hall and the State of Illinois building. 

Don't believe us?  During our conversation, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke sat several tables away. (No, we didn't get her thoughts on Rahm's residency battle)

And without further ado, our panel for Episode #14:

 - Dan Mihalopolous, Chicago News Cooperative 

 - Ethan Michaeli, Resident's Journal

 - Helen Shiller, Alderman of the 46th Ward