Ask Jim DeRogatis: LollaLeaks, Oscar-worthy music and Justin Timberlake becomes Bon Iver

February 21, 2012

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At this rate, Jim is going to become our resident Dear Abby -- except much, much sterner. 

Yes, Jim will be taking calls Wednesday on Eight Forty-Eight during his discussion with Tony Sarabia, something that we hope will be a regular thing. Simply call 312-948-4848 before 9 am tomorrow, and leave a voicemail asking him whatever you want. You should also feel free to Tweet us, or leave a comment on this post or on Facebook.

Some topics from this week to jog your music memory: the fakery behind LollaLeaks and how that line-up compared to the real bands planned for music ├╝ber-festivals Coachella and Bonaroo. 

Or perhaps you want to know Jim's thoughts on Justin Timberlake's pretty accurate take on Bon Iver this past Saturday night on SNL?

And the Academy Awards are finally, finally this weekend. Is there anything worth listening to in the nominated films?