Tom Green goes from screen to stage

February 23, 2012

Listen to Tom Green talk with Steve Edwards on Afternoon Shift

For a time in the late nineties, Tom Green was an inescapable part of mainstream media- so much so that he actually married Drew Barrymore. He had a talk show on MTV and starred in a few movies, including Freddy Got Fingered.

He was sidelined in 2000 by testicular cancer. Though his special documenting his operation won critical acclaim, Green wasn't able to make other TV show efforts stick.

In 2006 he started a TV show on and did comedy and music with high-profile guests for five years until putting it on hiatus in 2011. He's been doing stand-up comedy on the road since 2010. He performs at Zanie's in Chicago on Thursday and Friday, then the St. Charles location on Saturday. First he talks with Steve Edwards on Afternoon Shift.