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Mar. 12, 2012

Here's what's coming up on today's Eight Forty-Eight:

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Howard Dean: Former presidential candidate and chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean talks to Eight Forty-Eight about the 2012 campaign for president, campaign finance in the era of Citizens United and the state of the Democratic party. To join the conversation, call 312.923.9239.

Cameras in the Courts: In January, the Illinois Supreme Court approved an increase in the use of cameras in the courtroom. WBEZ criminal justice reporter Robert Wildeboer examines how the ruling will change media coverage of the legal system, and Gene Borgida, a professor of psychology and law at the University of Minnesota, looks at the effect cameras have had in courts around the country.

Live Music: Sonoi, a local indie act with a predilection for sonic experimentation, performs in-studio.