Photos: SXSW Highlights including Wild Belle, Gold Fields, Bob Mould, Poliça, Tanlines and more

March 18, 2012

The level of insanity at SXSW cannot be overstated. The term "hipster Mardi Gras" has been used frequently, but it's far more than that. Advertisements covered everything, down to the cocktail napkins in bars and the walls of music venues. Crowds willingly submitted to "branded experiences" for the chance at a free Jay-Z show. Tom Morrello of Rage Against The Machine led an "Occupy" styled sing-along. Rumors swirled that Terrence Malick was shooting scenes for his new film with Christian Bale and a clutch of indie rockers. And just when it seemed the streets of Austin couldn't be crazier, a horde of revellers decked out in green came down 6th Street chanting "USA, USA, USA" at the Canadian showcase house.

Scattered throughout this sea of humanity are the bands that drew serious music fans to Texas in the first place. Here are photos from some of the shows I was able to get to this week- probably less than 1% of the music that was made in Austin this week.

And for all the Friday Night Lights fans, here's video of the final song from Cowboy and Indian's set on Wednesday- a band featuring Jesse Plemons and Stephanie Hunt of the show's fictional band, Crucifictorious.