Blagojevich Verdict Form: A detailed look at what the jurors decided

August 17, 2010

The jury has reached a verdict. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been convicted of one count, lying to federal agents. We previously posted a verdict guide that reviewed each charge against Rod and Robert Blagojevich. Now we're going to focus on just the charge on which the jurors have reached unanimous agreement. The ex-governor faced 24 counts, and Robert ended up facing 4 of those. Both defendants pleaded not guilty to all charges. COUNT 24 (Making a false statement or representation) MAXIMUM PENALTY: 5 years, $250K fine ROD BLAGOJEVICH X GUILTY __ NOT GUILTY
The government alleges that, in an interview with the FBI in March of 2005, Blagojevich "knowingly and willfully [made] materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements and representations." In order to find the ex-governor guilty of this charge, jurors need only agree unanimously on one of the following alleged offenses:

False Statement 1 ("ROD BLAGOJEVICH has tried to maintain a firewall between politics and government.")


False Statement 2 ("ROD BLAGOJEVICH does not track, or want to know, who contributes to him or how much they are contributing to him.")