List: Forms of contraception and abortion available during Cleopatra's lifetime, according to Stacy Schiff's 'Cleopatra'

September 20, 2011

Jump up and down, neatly touching your heels to your buttocks seven times to induce miscarriage

A spider's egg, attached to the body with deer hide before sunrise (prevents contraception for twelve months)

Attaching a cat liver to one's left foot

Sneezing during sex

Crocodile dung (for contraception)

Mule's kidney + eunuch's urine (for contraception)

Salt, mouse excrement, honey and resin (as a "morning-after pill")

The smell of a freshly extinguished lamp to induce miscarriage

White poplar, juniper berries and giant fennel (for contraception)

Vinegar, alum and olive oil (for contraception)

Wool moistened with honey and oil (used as a diaphram)