Excerpts from Michael Perry's 'The Clodhopper Monologues Live'

December 2, 2011

Michael Perry is an old friend of Zulkey.com. The author of Truck: A Love Story and Population:485 – Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time, the humorist has a new CD/download of his stories called The Clodhopper Monologues Live. Take a listen to two excerpts! Enjoy Perry, who I declare was agra-cool before that was a thing (and before I just made up that word.) You can find out much more about him here.

"Fooled by Phonics":

"Gonna Hafta Puller":

PS I have been delighted and astounded by the Cleatus Fan Fiction that's been rolling in. I may need to get some prizes beyond the coveted Car Talk mug. Check out what I'm talking about and send in yours today! You have until noon Monday morning.