De Jesļs backers want evangelical muscle in City Hall

October 8, 2010

Chicago mayoral candidate Rev. Wilfredo De Jesƒºs says he's fighting for all marginalized people, regardless of their creed. "Today will be a new day in our city, where a coalition of people, coming together, [puts] aside our differences because we have found a common call," the Pentecostal told supporters at a campaign rally last night in Humboldt Park. "We have a responsibility to everyone -- believers and nonbelievers." But the rally's emcee revealed what some campaign insiders say is fueling De Jesƒºs's bid: an impression among evangelical pastors that they deserve more muscle in Chicago politics. "We've separated politics from church too long," said Rev. Ray Berryhill of Evangel World Outreach Center during his introduction of the candidate. "It's time for our voice to be heard. We are the sleeping giant and it's time to wake up." Listen to this 45-second excerpt of Berryhill's remarks: [audio:/sites/default/files/archives/blogs//Berryhill.mp3|titles=Berryhill]