Chicago Newsroom gets turned upside down by Alderman Ed Bus (D-53)

December 28, 2010

Ken Davis hosts a show called Chicago Newsroom on CAN-TV. It's a roundtable discussion of the week's news. You will see pundits and journalists talk with Ken about the issues facing Chicago. The show leans more towards Chicago politics than anything else, which means it is ripe for subversion.

While you were enjoying your roasted chestnuts and fighting with your family, I went down to the ole' CAN-TV studios in Greektown to mess with Ken. That's right, Alderman Ed Bus (my alter-ego) makes his Chicago Newsroom debut.

Ken had a one-on-one conversation with Chicago Reader scribe Ben Joravsky about the legacy of Mayor Richard M. Daley. Towards the back-end of this great conversation (and it was a great conversation), I butted into the conversation for some comic relief. I mean, Alderman Bus (D-53rd) butted in. It's around 22:00 in the show.

Schadenfreude (my comedy group and brainchild of Alderman Ed Bus) taped a few scenes around the show and will have a new Ed Bus episode featuring the behind-the-scenes in January 2011.