Metheny aftermath: Feder name-checked (and spell-checked) on Howard Stern!

November 16, 2010

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Yesterday, Howard Stern returned to his Sirius talk-show and took a call about the WGN/Kevin Metheny news from last week. Stern talked about his experiences with "Pig Virus" and quickly summed up the story of WGN and Metheny's rocky tenure. He also went on to say that the best stuff he read on the story was from long-time Chicago media columnist Robert Feder. He even spells Feder's name for his audience.

Not only name-checked, but spell-checked by the king of all media. If there is something better in the world, please let me know. As I had a small hand in Mr. Feder's blog, I can die now. By spell-checking Feder, he really said Kaufmann.

Listen to the audio clip from above. Two of my favorite things in the world: Howard Stern and Robert Feder.