The way they were: The Twin Towers long before 9/11

September 9, 2011

In two days, we mark decade that has passed since that terrible day.

I, for one, could do without seeing replays of the towers rumbling to earth in a cloud of dust; of the innocents who never returned home. So today, I turn back the clock to take a look at the World Trade Center way before 9/11. As is the case with the above commercial advertising the WTC's observation deck, these videos make for a bittersweet look. It's like watching old home movies of a loved one in his prime--strong, vital and young--yet knowing all the while the horrors that lie ahead.

Here's a late 1970s Texaco commercial featuring the towers, although the spot is marred a bit by the tag at the end:


And we close with Bobby Short on top of the world: