Look up...enjoy the city's architecture

October 10, 2011

(Today's offering has a bit of musical accompaniment, courtesy of a 1980 jam by R&B/jazz artist Patrice Rushen. Click on this link to get the tune started in a new browser window, then come right back to read this post as the song plays.)

As of late, the sky has been as beautiful as the weather. Dramatic clouds, one day; rainbows the next. Or just cloudless expanses of blue, with western edges that turn orange as the day yields to night. Our buildings reach toward these brilliant skies, perhaps lifting our spirits as well--if we take the time to look.

It won't be this way forever. Cold weather will ultimately come, bringing low, angry gray skies. And we'll pull up our collars, force down our brims and point our chins and gazes to the ground to adjust.

So for now, look up. Enjoy.