On the streets of Chicago, Chevy stalks Honda…in a well-done commercial

October 27, 2010

Over the weekend, I caught this commercial for the new Chevrolet Cruze.

The 30-second spot shows the Chevy prowling the streets of Chicago on the hunt for its rival, the Honda Civic. Cinematic in approach, the commercial shows the Cruze cruising around some Chicago landmarks, including the Marina City parking ramps and the EL.  That 24hr coin laundry sign at 0:09 looks familiar, but I can't place it.  The shot of the car passing through a sliver of space between two buildings near South Water and Michigan at 0:13 is pretty cool, as is the part when the lights go out on the Art Deco marquee at Park Ridge's Pickwick Theater.

The tag line, "We're going hunting; it's Civic season," ain't bad either.