Thursday Thingy: New episode of "You. Me. Us."

March 24, 2011


Good morning, everyone (or afternoon, or evening, as the case may be).

Here is the brand new edition of "You. Me. Us.":  A new kind of curated, cloud-based, variety (slide) show powered by Google and coffee.  

Just wait til you see Molly's serenade to actor Stephen Fry, and oh how I love Patrick-who-eats-xylophones. This will all make perfect sense in a moment.

And remember to get your strength/hope/love photos to me by tomorrow afternoon! (See our Monday mission just below)



p.s.  can you believe it-- there is now a Mission Amy KR app! ? here it is on itunes!  (I think they did a great job with it....let me know what you think...)


And thanks to Wabisabipottery for the great photo above!