Mission #84: Introducing 'The YouTub Project' (and that's not a typo!)

July 31, 2011


Excited to ring in the new month with this new mission! And as is often the case around here, the idea begins with this 1-minute video:


What now?

1. Pose your questions in the comment section.
2. I will think good and hard about your question and try to answer as many as I can, to the best of my ability. 
3. Answers will appear either as a reply (in the comment section) and/or in a follow-up video.

Who knows exactly how The YouTub Project will play out, but I figure it's a no-lose situation because I like both components of this mission very much: Hot baths.  And the Mission Amy KR community.


MUSIC CREDIT: "Swing For Life" by Yo La Tango