Thursday Thingy: I'm pumped. You pumped? (a song, a quote, and a cool idea to take with you into weekend)

September 22, 2011


1. This song pumps me up.  And not just because of the title. Within three seconds of listening, the foot-tap/head-bob thing automatically kicks in. (Btw, this was one of my top-top-top favorite shows at Lollapalooza this year.)



2. This quote pumps me up:


3.  And this manicure idea pumps me up.  Partly because it's cool and original, but mostly because my teenage son told me about it. He said, "Here, Mom. I stumbled upon this. Unfortunately, I think you might like it."  Classic.  And I am so doing it.

(Thanks again for that, Justin!) (Love you) (And yes, my other children, I love you, too)

See you all back here Monday,