Daily Rehearsal: 'Boss' casts locally

July 5, 2011

1. A little belated, but Michelle Williams was spotted at Middletown last week. And yes, that's Michelle Williams of Dawson's Creek fame, not the other D.C., Destiny's Child.

2. TimeLine's The Front Page has been extended through July 17, and WBEZ's own Rob Wildeboer is involved. No, he won't be acting, but he's among several Chicago news reporters who will be present for a post-show discussion Exclusive! Chicago‚Äôs Top Reporters on The Front Page: Same Story, Different Century on July 10. Rob will be joined by Elizabeth Brackett (WTTW), Janan Hanna (Reuters, Chicago News Coop, Huffington Post), Paul Meincke (WLS-TV), and Lester Munson, all of whom have covered the Blagojevich trial.

3. There were live performances of the Declaration of Independence this weekend, but every year, NPR's Morning Edition reads it aloud on-air on the Fourth of July. It's slow and steady and serious, and takes about 9 minutes.

4. Mary Hollis Inboden is having her day in the sun; the Southern-born actress is currently starring in 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, and though her role at Jennifer Beals' assistant on The Chicago Code ended with the shows cancellation, she's moved over to the Kelsey Grammer helmed Boss. She's part of a grand tradition of Chicago actors on the show, which has tried to be anti-The Good Wife and shoot locally.

5. Labor disputes between Joffrey dancers and the company continue; after news broke of a lockout this weekend, union organizers are now arguing that it's just an attempt to gain publicity and pressure the dancers into bending to their will. Let's hope this all ends peacefully, folks.

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