The Paper Machete Radio Magazine: The Etiquette Show

September 21, 2011

This week, we're going to to get schooled. Schooled on how to behave. Dan Sinker teaches you how to handle your sportsfan child who exists in art nerd family. Mel Evans talks about how to announce that you're pregnant, Beyonce-style. And Brian Babylon discusses the let-down that is the mass text from President Barack Obama. And Blane Fonda gives us something to dance to with "Bear Lee Lee Gull." As usual, if you can hear us, this magazine is LIVE. Download it here, or listen below.

This Saturday at the Horseshoe, we'll be talking about Texas Governor Rick Perry, the Domu apartment ads Chicagoans love so much, and art as terrorism. Rob Anderson of Impress These Apes will be there; author Chip Bagnall; performer and writer Jet Eveleth; playwright Brett Neveu; Second City performer Katie Rich; Matt Ulrich, a real, live Texan and member of the WBEZ family, and Ali Weiss Klingler, who you may know from this very podcast. Music from Justin Hayford and rock and roller Bobby Conn