Kimberly Gordon croons her way through some Duke Ellington

March 23, 2012

As an Artist-in-Residence at storied jazz club the Green Mill, Kimberly Gordon -- not be confused with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth -- knocks it out of the park on a weekly basis with her stunning vocals. She has what Paper Machete host Christopher Piatt calls "one of the best voices in the city of Chicago."

"I've spent many a late Sunday night sitting at the end of the bar at the Green Mill, looking up at her forlornly. And it is a vantage point in Chicago that I personally recommend," Piatt says. Listen to Gordon slay with Duke Ellington's "I'm Beginning To See The Light" (with a short segway into "I Love Being Here With You"). She follows it up with a slower jam, "Sophisticated Lady."

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