Sign of the times: "Get Your House in a Box!"

December 8, 2009

Call it what you will -- the new pet rock perhaps? -- but Cheryl Wharton of Newark, California is facing the mortgage crisis with an entrepreneurial and tongue-in-cheek spirit. She invented this: Used by permission of Cheryl Wharton.  Car not included.

Yes, you too can be the proud owner of your very own House in a Box!‚  (I feel like I'm waiting for Bob Barker to yell "Come on down!) The Boxed In Productions web site calls it‚  "no fuss, no muss" and points out you'll never have to deal with "pesky neighbors" or the dreaded f-word, foreclosure. I laughed so hard when I stumbled upon the site that I decided to give Cheryl Wharton a call.‚  She told me the project was inspired in part by her sister, Feleciai Favroth, who worked in real estate and regularly dealt with mortgage and foreclosure. Wharton says she has sold "a couple hundred" so far, including one to an 80-year-old Sacramento woman and five-year-old girl who "wants to be a homeowner someday." The American dream for everyone.‚  Complete with a white picket fence. *Disclaimer:‚  No product endorsement by Chicago Public Radio, expressed or implied.