Goin' whole hog at Lillie's Q

January 14, 2011

Ever wonder what goes into smoking a whole hog, competition style? You can now find out at Lillie's Q, where chef/owner Charlie McKenna is offering 25 - 30 pound smoked whole hog dinners prepped and presented the same way he does on the competition BBQ circuit.
"I'm excited at the opportunity to offer guests a first-hand experience to see what really goes into this," said McKenna of the hogs seasoned with a 15-ingredient "Carolina Dirt" rub and smoked for 10 hours in custom built smokers. "We're not just feeding people, but teaching them about all parts of the pig."
McKenna will present the locally-sourced, fully smoked hog tableside, and will walk patrons through the hog's anatomy and prep while conducting a Q & A session. The dinner also includes southern favorite starters and sides such as hush puppies, fried pickles and brioche buns to build sandwiches. If the dinners aren't enough to sate the public's appetite for all things BBQ, McKenna says be on the lookout for upcoming BBQ classes being offered for both competition teams and at-home chefs. 
The smoked whole hog dinner is for parties of six to eight people and costs $325. Reservations must be booked at least 48 hours in advance by calling Lillie's Q at 773-772-5500. For more information, visit lilliesq.com.