Mexico's oldest brewery hits Chicago

August 11, 2010

The star of a michelada at Mercadito (photo: Joseph Storch)

The boys at Corona and Dos Equis have done an amazing job at marketing their products over the years. But when it comes to the Mexican brewery with the longest history, Victoria has them both beat by a long shot. Brewed since 1865, it's a Vienna-style lager, and has long been a favorite in Mexico at family gatherings and soccer matches, but hasn't been available in Chicago, until now.

A major marketing blitz has been blanketing the city the past two months - in both English and Spanish - and the crisp, refreshing brew is now available in about 15 locations. Less bitter than some of its competitors, Victoria is great in a michelada - the traditional drink of beer over ice with a squirt of Worcestershire, a dash of hot sauce and some fresh lime juice. They make a fine version at Mercadito in River North (great with one of their homemade tacos). I'll show you how to make one today at 11:30 a.m., just click here.