Thursday Podcast: Seafood Summit 2010

February 4, 2010

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As you may know by now, I was in Paris earlier this week, covering the annual Seafood Summit, which has grown quite a bit since it was held in Chicago five years ago. Back then, there were about 70 delegates in attendance. This week, there were well over 600 delegates who made the trip to Paris, including experts from the fishing industry, Greenpeace, journalists, large multi-nationals, and also smaller seafood companies. All of them, it seems, are attempting to solve‚ the looming crisis involving environmental damage wrought as a result of farm-raising. Carbon management, sustainability and fishery analysis were some of the topics covered.

I spoke with a representative from the Marine Stewardship Council - the primary third-party certification for wild-caught sustainability - as well as two industry experts from Chicago (Fortune Fish, and the Shedd Aquarium's sustainability efforts) to talk about the progress beingmade. Seafood Summit A couple photos after the jump:

sustainable, farm-raised shrimp (photo by
Sustainable, farm raised shrimp (photo by Steve Dolinsky) 

Norwegian, farm-raised, sustainable salmon and blinis (top); shrimp (bottom) (photo by Steve Dolinsky)