'Chicago Tribune’s' Mary Schmich reacts to winning Pulitzer Prize for commentary

April 16, 2012

Eilee Heikenen-Weiss

Longtime Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich received one of the most prestigious awards in journalism Monday, but it’s not going to her head.

“This just further proves that ordinary people win this prize,” she told host Steve Edwards on the Afternoon Shift.

Schmich has won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. According to the Pulitzer Prize website, she recieved the award for “her wide range of down-to-earth columns that reflect the character and capture the culture of her famed city.” Her writing has addressed a wide range of topics over the years, from politics to what it’s like to be alive.

While Schimch says she doesn’t have a “clear image” of the audience she writes for, she’s guided by her gut and the public.

“I have the voices of Tribune readers, of people from the city in my head, and I suppose on some level I write to and for them, but I also just write out of my own instinct about what’s interesting today.”