Chicago's restaurants are diverse, but are the chefs behind them?

April 26, 2012

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Chicago has a diverse restaurant scene offering a rainbow of flavors and foods. But how racially diverse are the head chefs creating that food? 

We may be home to the third-largest African American population in the United States, but some—like the Chicago Tribune’s Christopher Borelli--say African Americans are missing from leadership roles in the kitchen.  Chef Kristopher Murray wants to change that.  He recently became executive director of Washburne Culinary Institute at the City Colleges of Chicago’s Kennedy-King College. 

Thursday afternoon, we talk with Chef Murray on Afternoon Shift to get his insight on why there isn’t more diversity among Chicago’s top chefs. We’ll also talk with Nicola Copleand from Chicago’s Career Through Culinary Arts Program, which works to give inderserved students exposure to the food industry.