Might as well face it, we're addicted to love

April 5, 2012

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It's not just a catchy '80s song (with amazing back-up dancers to boot!) There is actually research that suggests romantic love is an addiction.

Dr. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist who studies the effects that love has on our brains and our bodies. Fisher's books include Why Him? Why Her?: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love and Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, among other titles.

Her research shows that our brain reacts similarly to romantic rejection to when we're craving a fix of other addicted substances like nicotine. But there's good news about love and the brain, too! Fisher has devised a test that allows love seekers to better understand their personality type and what types they would be most compatible. She created the test for Chemistry.com, a section of the online dating site Match.com. Users log in, answer some questions and voilĂ ! Love blooms! Ok, it's not foolproof, but love never is.

Even if you're in a happy, stable relationship, take the test to see what kind of personality you have. Today on The Afternoon Shift Steve will tell us where he fits on Fisher's scale, and Dr. Fisher takes your most pressing questions about the love game. Love and the brain- two powerful forces. Just think what they can do when they're in sync!