The 3@3: NATO confusion and hate-watching TV

May 15, 2012

Today on the 3@3, Chicago Tribune's Nina Metz and Gaper's Block Editor Andrew Huff talk about the topics of the day.

Which include:

Steve Edwards: Today, protests against NATO begin with a march on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house. With all the traffic closures, protests and overall worry about the weekend, what are your thoughts? Will this change the way you live your life this weekend?

Nina Metz: A new phenomenon called “hate-watching” has hit the TV screen. Whether it be characters from specific shows (Smash) or whole shows (Girls), television is creating a new world of haters that can’t stop watching.

Andrew Huff: The new TV seasons have been announced and Chicago is highly represented. And soon, we should be seeing a few more productions in town. Has the television industry warmed up to Chicago?