Acclaimed Love + Radio podcast is back in business with WBEZ's help

May 23, 2012

WBEZ is happy to announce the rebirth of the Love + Radio podcast. The brainchild of our Vocalo colleague Nick van der Kolk snagged top honors at last year's Third Coast Festival for a death-defying profile of a stay-at-home strip club owner.

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Now the podcast is back with a six episode season that kicks off Wednesday.

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Here's how van der Kolk describes the first episode:

A crusader for truth, or, as Karl Rove called him, "a nut with internet access"? Jason Leopold wanted to be a part of something and that quest brought him through a labyrinthine world of decadent glam metal, dangerous mafiosos, love, investigative journalism challenging the heights of government and corporate power and the collisions of past and present. His story is the subject of the hour-long season premiere of the critically-acclaimed Love + Radio podcast, brought to you by WBEZ.