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May. 31, 2012

Thursday on Worldview:

The violence that began more than 14 months ago continues to besiege Syria. According to news reports, at least 108 people were killed execution style just this past weekendin the city of Houla. But the Syrian government has denied any responsibility for the latest attack and U.N. plan to stop the violence and protect civilians has so far had little impact.

Dr. Zaher Salhoul, a Chicago doctor and Syrian native, is a member of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. He tells Worldview about the group’s efforts to treat the wounded inside Syria and in the refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan. And Yaser Tabbara, a Syrian-American attorney and member of the Syrian National Council, explains why the U.N. peace plan hasn't been able to stop the violence.

Then on our Global Activism segment we'll hear about the Rainforest Rescue Coalition. Their mission is to conserve and protect rainforest land around the world and support sustainable relationships between humans and nature.