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May. 18, 2012

Friday on Worldview:

Resident film contributor Milos Stehlik checks in with Worldview from the Cannes Film Festival. He tells us why this year’s festival is “not a festival for the weak of heart.”

Then Worldview dives deep into NATO: We'll quiz you on your knowledge of NATO,  everything from how much their new headquarters cost to how NATO got started in the first place. Dick Longworth, who has covered NATO for 35 years, first for UPI and then for the Chicago Tribune, joins us for the quiz.  Call 312-923-9239 to play.

Finally, on this week's edition of Weekend Passport, global citizen Narimon Safavi tells us where to go to spot the big NATO delegates when they’re not at the summit. Alessandro Motta, the Consul General of Italy, and Robert Chatterton Dickson, the Consul General of the UK, fill us in on how their delegations will be spending their time here when they’re not at summit meetings.