Egyptian protestors take to the streets as elections approach

June 5, 2012

Associated Press and Worldview

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An Egyptian official says the top prosecutor in the Hosni Mubarak trial will appeal the recent verdict, which acquitted the former leader and his two sons on corruption charges and cleared senior police officers of complicity in killing protesters during last year's uprising.

The prosecutor must appeal the entire verdict, which also included convictions and life sentences for Mubarak and his former security chief for failing to stop the killing of protesters in the uprising that ousted him. Six top police commanders, who faced the same charge of complicity in killing protesters, were acquitted for what the judge said was lack of concrete evidence.

The verdict has spurred a new round of protests inside the country as election day draws near. Egyptians are angry about the verdict and frustrated by the slow pace of change the country has seen since last year's uprisings in Tahrir Square.

Tuesday, Worldview discusess the public's reaction to the Mubarak verdict and the growing unrest in Egypt with Emad Shahin. Shahin is a professor of religion, conflict and peace-building at Notre Dame's Kroc Institute for International Peace and is just back from a recent trip to Egypt.