Afternoon Shift


Jun. 08, 2012

On Friday's Afternoon Shift we talk with a few great storytellers who've done some of their best work on sports.

First Frank Deford joins us to talk about his new book of personal anecdotes Over Time: My Life As A Sportswriter.

We bookend the show with a conversation with Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights (the book that inspired the movie that inspired the TV show that might be turned into another movie). He has a new memoir, Father’s Day, which captures the cross-country road trip he took to get inside the mind and heart of his savant son.

Listen to the first hour

Listen to the second hour

Also, Kristen Mack and Aaron Freeman fill out our 3@3 review panel to choose the winning and losing stories of the week.

And Alison Cuddy joins us to talk about the best bets for the weekend.