Afternoon Shift


Jun. 04, 2012

On Monday's Afternoon Shift we talk about a few ways civil society can manifest itself. First we take a look at the majorly divisive recall election happening tomorrow in Wisconsin. We look at the effect its had on friends and family on opposite sides of the political aisle.

Then there's the bombshell the Chicago Transit Authority dropped on Chicago's South Side Monday- that the entire Red Line from Chinatown to 95th Street will be closing for five months next year. We ask how the agency came to this drastic decision and if it's fair to residents.

Another way civil society show itself is the impulse to provide a basic level of education to everyone. Our Front & Center project looks at ways the GED test is being re-imagined to better serve more people.

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Finally we talk with an expert on civic connectedness, Adam Davis. He's the director of the Project on Civic Reflection. We ask how his organization strives to build civil society.