Afternoon Shift


Jun. 25, 2012

On Monday's Afternoon Shift we talk about a variety of topics that relate to recent Supreme Court decisions.

First we bring back the Best Game in Town segment, which Steve Edwards hosted last election season. In Monday's edition Lenny McAllister and Chris Sautter join us to gauge the status of each presidential campaign. One outstanding Supreme Court decision could have a big impact on this horserace.

We also talk about the Court's decision that mandatory life without parole for juveniles is unconstitutional. University of Chicago professor Randolph Stone joins us to talk about his experience with this issue.

Finally, actor and writer Paul Oakley Stovall joins us to talk about his new play Immediate Family. It deals with an issue that will probably find its way to the Supreme Court soon- same-sex marriage.

Listen to the first hour:

Listen to the second hour: