Afternoon Shift


Jun. 14, 2012

On Thursday's Afternoon Shift we talk with people about reading, about what a few people read and with a guy who is able to read political situations better than most.

First our Front & Center series wraps up their focus on literacy with a live call-in. Topics include the continuing problem of low literacy levels even in this age of technology. 

Then our 3@3 review panel talks about some of the biggests news stories people are reading today. 

Listen to the first hour:

Listen to the second hour:

Finally we have an interview with E.J. Dionne a long-time political commentator with an uncanny ability to read the political mood the country. We talk about his column for the Washington Post and his take on the upcoming presidential election.

And since I happened to search for photos of people reading in our Flickr pool, here's a slideshow of the photos I found: