Afternoon Shift


Jun. 06, 2012

On Wednesday's Afternoon Shift we look at a number of influences on our neighborhoods.

First there are the people living in them. We devote the first hour of the show to discussing the current status of neighbors and how they relate to one another in Chicago. Is the old claim that Chicago is a city of neighborhoods still true?

Then we look at literacy with our Front & Center series. How does literacy training for low-skilled workers affect neighborhoods and the businesses in them?

Listen to the first hour

Listen to the second hour

Filmmaker Kevin Smith made it big by turning the trivial discussions of neighborhood convenience store clerks into cinematic fodder. We talk with Smith about his new podcasting empire and how he built such a strong community around him.

Finally we talk with philanthropist JB Pritzker about his involvement with the Clinton Global Initiative and his plans for making Chicago the global hub for ideas and technology that will make the world a better place.