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Jun. 20, 2012

Wednesday on Worldview:

Rumors about the health of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak have added to the chaos and confusion gripping Egypt. Some reports on Tuesday claimed he had died — but those reports proved inaccurate. During the last few days at least 10,000 Egyptians have gathered in Tahrir Square to demand that the ruling generals hand over real power to Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate who appears to have won a slim majority during last weekend’s election. Egypt's election committee has not provided official election results yet.

Worldview checks in with Ahmed Rehab, director of the Chicago Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. He returned home to Egypt last week to vote and has stayed on to join the protests in Tahrir Square.

On our Global Notes segment, Jerome McDonnell and Eight Forty-Eight host Tony Sarabia discuss the career of Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid, a musical icon in the Arab world. He's remembered as the region’s greatest guitarist. Korshid  played with the legendary vocalist Oum Kalthoum and he had a band called Le Petit Chats, an Egyptian beat group modeled after the prevailing influence of Elvis and the Beatles.

Then, the Awá are an endangered indigenous group of people living in the eastern Amazon forests of Brazil. Approximately 350 members survive. Fiona Watson of the indigenous peoples advocacy group Survival International, tells us the story of the Awá.