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Jun. 06, 2012


Wednesday on Worldview:

A U.S. drone strike earlier this week in northern Pakistan killed Al Qaeda’s second in command.   Pakistan has declared these strikes to be in violation of its sovereignty and this latest attack has strained U.S. Pakistani relations. Worldview talks with Fauzia Kasuri, the Women’s Wing president of the Pakistan Movement for Justice. The Pakistan Movement for Justice is Pakistan’s centrist, progressive political party, founded by former Pakistani cricket captain and philanthropist Imran Khan. It’s one of Pakistan’s fastest growing political parties. 

On our Global Notes segment, WBEZ's Alison Cuddy finds out how Chicagoan Frank Rosaly has re-connected to his Puerto Rican roots through music. He’s just kicked off a month-long residency at the Whistler in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, where he’ll be playing rebel music, some of it inspired by early Puerto Rican salsa.

And we'll catch up with Mona Purdy, the founder of  Share Your Soles. Purdy lost everything four months ago in a home fire, but the tragedy didn’t stop her work. Since the fire, she’s been to Haiti twice. Mona stops by to update us on conditions on the ground in Haiti.