Afternoon Shift


Jul. 02, 2012

In our 100th episode we take a summer-specific approach to games, some more wholesome than others.

First we devote our entire first hour to our new occasional series "Long Hot Summer," keeping track of what's happening on the city streets. For this installment we talk with three preachers from neighborhoods that are often plagued with violence.

Our 3@3 review panel consists of Chicago magazine's Scott Smith and Time Out Chicago's Frank Sennett. They cover journalism games being played at local start-up Journatic, science wins with the "God particle" discovery and transit games with the taxi strike.

Listen to Hour 1:

Listen to Hour 2:

Cheryl Raye-Stout joins us to talk about a developing issue with the boys of summer in major league baseball- they are overwhemingly not African-American. It's down to 8% African-American players, the lowest level since integration.

Finally DePaul University women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno is getting ready to head to London for the Summer Olympics. He's the assistant coach of the U.S.A. women's basketball team. He joins us to talk about his long career.