Afternoon Shift


Jul. 09, 2012

On our 102nd episode, we take stock of our surroundings at the midpoint of the year.

First we check on the economy- is it recovering? Is it recovering, but too slowly? Are things actually getting worse? We seek answers from Brian Battle of Performance Trust Capital Partners and Adolfo Laurenti of Mesirow Financial.

Our 3@3 review panel, today consisting of Rummana Hussein and Lee Bey, consider the three most interesting stories in the news today.

Listen to the first hour:

Listen to the second hour:

Then our education desk shares the story of Harper High School, whose principal reflects on the last 13 months: 27 current or former students shot, 8 dead.

Finally, we talk with the guys behind Redmoon Theatre to find out what kind of change they hope to accomplish through performance art.