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Jul. 25, 2012

Wednesday on Worldview:

For the last 40 years, relatives of victims and others have been pleading with the IOC to acknowledge the fact that 11 Israeli athletes were murdered during the 1972 games in Munich. The clamor from a wide variety of groups hoping to get a moment of silence during the opening ceremonies on Friday has been building. Television host Bob Costas announced that he will conduct his own moment of silence during the NBC broadcast. But the IOC has said it will not allow a moment of silence because the opening ceremonies are not the appropriate place for statements or sadness.  

Worldview takes a look at the role politics have played at the Olympic games with Alfred Senn, author of Power, Politics and the Olympic Games.

Then, writer Ed Caesar explains how a mild-mannered Irish priest came to train some of world’s greatest runners in the Kenyan village of Iten.

On our Global Notes segment, Eight Forty-Eight and Radio M host Tony Sarabia tells us about Brazil’s "good old fashioned country music" called forro. The accordion driven music that at times sounds like its coming from the bayous of Louisiana is gaining new found popularity in New York City.