Israel's drumbeat of war grows increasingly loud and public

August 15, 2012

Associated Press and Worldview

Israel's outgoing civil defense chief says an attack on Iran's nuclear sites would likely trigger a war that could last for a month and kill hundreds of Israelis.

Matan Vilnai's remarks in Wednesday's Maariv newspaper offered the most detailed insight into how the government sees events cascading in the event of a military strike.

Vilnai said the government has prepared for a scenario in which hundreds of missiles are fired at Israeli population centers during a month-long war on a "number of fronts" He says that "according to the best experts," up to 500 deaths are expected but did not elaborate further on that assessment..

Israel believes Iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb. Tehran says its atomic program is for peaceful purposes only.

Wednesday on Worldview:

Barak Ravid is the diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz newspaper. He's covered the Israeli government's internal discussions during the ramp up in tensions between Israel and Iran, and Israeli Prime Minister's recent press outreach attempts in making the case for conflict.