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Aug. 10, 2012

Friday on Worldview:

The murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of deposed Chinese Communist Party leader Bo Xilai, lasted only seven hours. Gu Kailai was accused of poisoning a British businessman. As the Chinese public awaits a verdict, Writer Wenguang Huang tells us why the Chinese were so eager to fast track the trial.

Then, in our Global Cinema segment, we look at the the documentary Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, which screens at the National Museum of Mexican Art this Sunday. The film tells the story of the massacre of 200,000 Maya that took place in the 1980s in Guatemala. Film contributor Milos Stehlik and Peter Kinoy, the film’s editor, join us to discuss the film.

And in Weekend Passport, global citizen Nari Safavi helps you plan your international weekend. This week we start at the intersection of indie rock and Brazilian MPB, then we head to Japan for a story of disaster, recovery and hula, and we end up at a celebration of Japanese culture and Midwestern friendship.