Clare Rojas explores abstract 'Spaces in Between,' through her paintings, and through her musical persona, Peggy Honeywell

September 19, 2012

Artist Clare Rojas is in town this week to open a month-long exhibition of her paintings titled “Spaces In Between.”

But Rojas’ work isn’t confined to the visual arts alone. Back in 1999, she created the musical persona Peggy Honeywell. “Honeywell” is much more than a mere art “character” for Rojas: It’s a bona fide one-woman band. Rojas has put out two sultry, country-inflected folky albums under the Peggy Honeywell moniker, and often incorporates the Honeywell character into her art exhibits.

Rojas joined Morning Shift to discuss her growth as an artist, and about the journey she’s been on for the past decade plus. She'll also performs songs from her Honeywell catalog.

Rojas’ exhibit runs September 21 through October 21 at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago.