List: My daily listening consumption, in chronological order

June 26, 2012

Wakeup 'til leaving for work: Morning Edition

(Then, the things I get paid to listen to and review, which include):
Monday's edition of WTF With Marc Maron
This American Life
(For the next two weeks as I substitute for another writer): Radiolab
Any audiobooks I am currently reviewing for Emusic (currently: America, You Sexy Bitch)

Lunchtime: Classical music on WFMT

If there is a day game: the White Sox game (or I will listen later that night, at home, while cooking or doing dishes)

Additional walking around music: iTunes shuffle or Pandora

Podcasts I listen to just for fun (Fresh Air, Savage Love, etc)

Audiobooks I listen to just for fun (currently: That Woman)

4 p.m.: All Things Considered