Pitchfork Day 1: No Tim Hecker but Japandroids

July 13, 2012

Tim Hecker, tell us how it was hanging out in the rain, because I definitely didn't make it to your set as it downpoured (through sunlight?). Which seems appropriate, given how half of outdoor festivals is talking about and braving the elements.

But as for fellow Canadians Japanroids -- moshin', ya know? I didn't go into this weekend a fan of Brian King and David Prowse's particular brand of sweaty punk jams. But man were they effusive and by the end of their set I was, if not converted, questioning. Perhaps that was because of King's boyish charm. Any sign of recent turmoil between the two was gone; the duo seemed incredibly thankful to be at the festival, talking so fast it was hard to hear what they were saying.

"You're going to want to pay attention because there's a f*cking drum solo in this one by yours truly, David," said King of his bandmate as they charged into yet another song. You'd have thought the drum solo was King's; he managed to play, sing and air drum at the same time.

Particularly notable was their performance of the single off their new album Celebration Rock, "The House That Heaven Built." What an anthem; you think it's over and then all of a sudden it amps up again, as they chant "Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh" (it's better than it looks, I promise).

"We'll be hanging around this weekend, so if you see us, say hi," said King, clearly the vocal one of the pair. If this performance is to be believed, he means it.