Wrangling with the Web, Part Two: How one smart band does it

The frustrations of YouTube & Rumblefish

February 18, 2014

The tools now available to any musician via the digital revolution are both mind-blowing and soul-crushing, and few are the resources to help sort the good from the bad.

Canasta is one of the smartest and hardest-working bands on the local music scene, and violinist-vocalist Elizabeth Lindau and bassist-vocalist Matt Priest graciously agreed to a series of interviews conducted via GooglePlus Hangouts to answer these questions: “What advice can you offer younger bands about wrangling with the Web? And what are your thoughts on the best and worst digital tools now available to musicians?”

The second part of our five-part series addresses Canasta’s sometimes frustrating interactions with YouTube and Rumblefish.


Canasta can be found on the web at www.canastamusic.com, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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